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For three months and to make the performance of a mermaid real, I took diving lessons and was coached by the very talented diving teacher Andreas Furchheim at the Divers’ Paradise in Oranienburg/ Germany.
Here’s my heartfelt thanks to the whole team at the diving school!

To bring my performance as a mermaid to perfection, I constantly train diving and swimming because the motions with the fishtail need a lot of experience and they demand strength and endurance.
For several months, I started my two-hour training lesson every Saturday at 7 a.m. Additionally, I go swimming and diving at least four times a week.

My training as a diver was very welcome for my work as a mermaid. During film shooting it would be much too time-consuming to surface, so a scuba-diver takes care that I get my air underwater. This means that I am able to do a mixture of free-diving and scuba-diving if the shooting takes longer.
Outside the water, I practise breathing exercises, which differ from those I knew as a singer.

More information about the Divers’ Paradise in Oranienburg you’ll find here:

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