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Underwater Stunts

Besides the usual and well-known stunts, I love to do stunts underwater.
I can do stunts up to 35-40 meters free-diving.

What do I offer?

As a free-diver, I take over the part of the dead body in the water, the person jammed in a sinking car, fight scenes underwater and jumps as well as falls into the water.

I train on a regular basis to keep my free-diving time at 3 minutes and extend it.

As a scuba-diver, I offer stunts up to a depth of 50 meters, fight scenes and shootings in extreme situations as well as change between free-diving and scuba-diving.
I perform jumps and falls out of boats and individual scenes like change of clothes from diving suit to bridal gown in a depth of 30 meters.
My last stunt consisted of an escape out of a sinking car.

Maybe you just need a diver who accompanies and secures your actors or your team underwater.

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