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Building the Fin

In search for the perfect fin, I hired two professionals in Berlin, Tobias van Mierlo and Dorothee Engelhorn, who are known for their excellent design of weapons, costumes and other requisites. They took care of the custom-made production and did a fabulous job!

The idea of a fishtail was new for both. Because of the extraordinary concept, they had lots of fun with the testing and the result.
Tobias said that the problem consisted of the intended versatile use at land and in the water. The material had to stand sweet water as well as salt water and chlorined water. It was also a challenge to create the right mixture. If it was too light-weighed or too heavy it was unfit to use for swimming.

After a few tests it was evident that latex rubber was the perfect material. To fit the mono fishtail, it was stabilized with fibreglass sticks. The complete costume is handmade. Even the scales were cast separately and covered with latex rubber.

Only one question remained: How should I get into that tight-fitting tail?
At the beginning, it took me 30 minutes to get in, but by now this time’s been reduced to five minutes. In the meantime, new plans are on the table to specialize the costume even further and extend onto my whole body.
Pictures of the manufacturing you can find in the gallery.

To work accurate to size meant that I had to stand for two hours while Tobias painted the liquid rubber, but the wait was worth it! All about the impressive work of the two professionals you’ll find here:
n von der Meerjungfrau Flosse seht.

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